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You’re probably familiar with quotation marks – those double scoops in the air, used before and after we relay something someone said or wrote, verbatim. Pretty standard in writing and air quotes. But how about their slimmer offshoot, single quotation marks? You’re not going to find a ton of rules for using single quotation marks. They simply aren’t used that frequently. Even though there aren’t many rules, these little guys can come in handy and are still worth a quick conversation. So let’s talk. We weren’t kidding when we said there aren’t many rules. In fact, there are really only two to keep in mind.

Talking About Words

A string is series of characters, where a character is the same as a byte. This means that PHP only supports a character set, and hence does not offer native Unicode support. See details of the string type.

This is a common trap because there is nothing worst than being with the wrong person and forcing a relationship when there are not genuine.

You can go through Chapter — Literals in Oracle to understand the types of Literals you can use in Oracle database. Single-quotes are used to enclose string literals of zero or more characters in Oracle. A string literal can hold up to 32, characters. Using double-quotes to represent identifiers is not recommended. Oracle does not recommend using quoted identifiers for database object names. Non-quoted identifiers cannot be Oracle SQL reserved words.

Also, non-quoted identifiers can not have white spaces between words. But these limitations do not hold good with quoted identifiers. Quoted identifiers can be reserved words, can have spaces between words, although these are not recommended. Quoted identifiers are great option to consider for reporting data representation where meaningful column header gives a lot of information of what data is projected.

But providing table names or column names with double quotes often makes data access complicated. Double quotes preserves the case of the string. Oracle metadata stores object names in upper case though, but it is an exception in case double quotes are used explicitly.

Quotation marks in English

There is one very special use of quotation marks which it is useful to know about: we use quotation marks when we are talking about words. In this special use, all varieties of English normally use only single quotes, and not double quotes though some Americans use double quotes even here. This is another advantage of using double quotes for ordinary purposes, since this special use can then be readily distinguished.

From groff man page: \’ The acute accent ‘; same as \(aa. Unescaped: apostrophe​, right quotation mark, single quote (ASCII 0x27). Single quote should be \(cq.

While some people love being single because it is freeing and exciting, others detest it and want to have someone else in their life to show them what the magic of romance is about. In either scenario, there are awesome being single quotes that will fit the mood perfectly. I am on reserve for the one who deserves my heart.

I am in the waiting period: patiently waiting for something real to come along. That is my reason for being single. I have been hurt so many times that I think being single may have been the best thing that ever happened to me. Not that I want to be alone forever, but I want to prove that I can still stand alone and be as strong as ever.

Rules For Using Single Quotation Marks

It sucks. I can come and go as I please and stay out as late as I want to. They come to you. When you are genuinely interested in one thing, it will always lead to something else. They get married.

These wise quotes about being single capture the greatness of haven’t found the right person, or plan on being single forever, these wise.

A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. I don’t need anyone to rectify my existence. The most profound relationship we will ever have is the one with ourselves. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery.

And the aim of this organization is power – power in its most despotic exercise – absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms – and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses. Sometimes awful things have their own beauty. Married men live longer than single men.

But married men are a lot more willing to die. You are the guy who’ll decide where to go. Evolution is fascinating to watch. To me it is the most interesting when one can observe the evolution of a single man. I’ve been involved in something which was chaotic and insane.

40 Quotes That Celebrate Your Singleness

In English writing, quotation marks or inverted commas, also known informally as quotes, talking marks, [1] [2] speech marks, [3] quote marks, quotemarks or speechmarks, are punctuation marks placed on either side of a word or phrase in order to identify it as a quotation , direct speech or a literal title or name. They are also used to indicate that the meaning of the word or phrase they surround should be taken to be different from or, at least, a modification of that typically associated with it e.

They also sometimes appear to be used as a means of adding emphasis, although this usage is usually considered incorrect. Opening and closing quotation marks may be identical in form called neutral, vertical, straight, typewriter, or ” dumb ” quotation marks , or may be distinctly left-handed and right-handed typographic or, colloquially, curly quotation marks ; see quotation mark glyphs for details.

Typographic quotation marks are usually used in manuscript and typeset text. Because typewriter and computer keyboards lack keys to directly enter typographic quotation marks, much of typed writing has neutral quotation marks.

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Uh oh! It looks like you have JavaScript turned off. While most of our site should function with out, we recommend turning it back on for a better experience. Almost all of us have found ourselves confused with double and single quotation marks. When do we use single quotation marks? Where does the punctuation go with single quotation marks? With just a few rules and examples, you will feel surer about your decisions. Rule: Use single quotation marks inside double quotation marks when you have a quotation within a quotation.

Notice that what Delia said was enclosed in single quotation marks.

60 Being Single Quotes that Celebrate Independence

In case you need a helpful reminder: Single women everywhere are sexy, successful, and, yeah, absolutely satisfied. These women are whole, wonderful beings all on their own, tyvm. So brew yourself a cup of tea, settle into your coziest loungewear , and indulge in these empowering quotes about being single. Because in a week or a lifetime of being alone, you may only get one moment. A parent, a pet, a sibling, a friend.

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I have. I am fucking crazy.

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